Book now to ensure you experience hands-on our innovative haptic simulation product for spine, and see how this can be integrated into resident/fellow learning pathways.

We have created one of the worlds most advanced haptic simulations for the rehearsal of pedicle screw insertion, led by the globally renowned Professor Bronek Boszczyk, and shaped by input and data from specialist spine surgeons across North America.

To secure a demonstration of how this online platform can be utilized to assist in your learning outcomes, please book one of our slots to the right, we are expecting a very busy event!

We are democratizing the world of surgical simulation in VR. Book now to ensure access to this experience first-hand. 

We will be releasing additional spine procedures through the rest of 2019, all focused on the knowledge and muscle memory transfer that is so important to successful outcomes in spine surgery.

Demos of the Fundamental Surgery™ platform will be on stand #2649.