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Beckers Spine Review

BECKERS SPINE REVIEW: FundamentalVR adds 2 executives

17/10/2018/by Annabelle Miles


16/10/2018/by Annabelle Miles

FundamentalVR expanding global sales network

12/10/2018/by Annabelle Miles

FUNDAMENTALVR APPOINTS HYBRID HEALTH: Exclusive partner for Australia and New Zealand

10/10/2018/by Annabelle Miles

HAPTICS FOR HUMANITY – Fundamental Surgery launches in Australia and New Zealand

10/10/2018/by Annabelle Miles

FUNDAMENTAL SURGERY: Finalists in the AWE 2018 AR & VR Expo

08/10/2018/by Annabelle Miles
FUNDAMENTAL SURGERY The virtual reality surgical simulator

SITUATION HAPTICS – Fundamental Surgery’s Global Medical Panel discuss key issues regarding the future of surgical training

03/10/2018/by manager

Launch of a learning modules upgrade

21/09/2018/by manager

THE VERGE: Haptic feedback is making VR surgery feel like the real thing

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles

FIERCE BIOTECH: FundamentalVR launches virtual surgery trainer with tactile feedback

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles

VR FOCUS: FundamentalVR Launches VR Training Simulator for Surgeons

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles

DIGITAL HEALTH AGE: Is this VR platform the future of surgical training?

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles

NEW ATLAS: Surgical training system lets students feel what they’re virtually doing

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles

THE ENGINEER: UK firm claims haptic VR surgery simulation can cost less than a cadaver

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles

NEWS MEDICAL NET: FundamentalVR launches first-of-its-kind SaaS software platform for surgical simulation

21/08/2018/by Annabelle Miles